Any Given Sunday

Chapter 2!

After conquering the Stag Lord’s Fort, word traveled quick to the Brevory, where the Stag Lords quickly sent a modified charter to the adventurers. Originally, the Sword Lords had thought that they could simply expand their territory, but they quickly found out that diplomatic tensions were becoming strained with their neighbors for fear that this was leading to an act of war. Changing plans quickly, the Brevory decided it was best to instead help foster a new nation that would have a significant debt to them. Thus, the kingdom sent out workers, goods, and settlers to the Stolen Lands along with an overseer named Jarvis Wick.

Jarvis was no stranger to building Kingdoms, and stated that he had successfully built over ten in his many, many years. He delivered the new orders, and informed the group that they would need to decide upon a leader, among other members to fill the demands of structure in society. They turned towards the men and woman they had met during their adventurer to fill some gaps, while the Paladins wrote to their Order to obtain a Cleric and a few trust worthy members. Wisely, the party chose their Kingdom’s start to be the fort they had conquered which lead to a Castle sprouting up fairly quickly.

After a long year of paperwork and fostering the growth of their kingdom, the party began to hear rumors about a witch to the South abducting children. They knew that the only ones who could be up for the job were themselves, and so they dusted off their weapons and armor in a heartbeat.



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